Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Blogging Therapist

I am back, at least for a bit.

People who know me, know where I stand with the Gosselin's. I think Kate is one piece of work. I don't think she masterminded having multiples to live off their cuteness. I do however think she is very much enjoying her D list celeb status and will do whatever she has to do, including throwing her kids back on TV to satisfy her own desires.

I have to call myself a fan because I do follow Kate, watched her dance miserably on DWTS (although I could not have done any better), will watch her new shows, etc. That doesn't mean I like her. It also doesn't mean I hate her.

She is still a human being and while the paps do have the right to snap pics of her, I wish they didn't have the right to take photos of the kids.

I think of the local Wernersville therapist who is writing all sorts of hearsay about Kate and I think it is wrong. I personally do not think she is a credible source of anything, except gossip!

If she is indeed who she says she is, I think her professional organization should be alerted. If it is OK for her to do a drive by of Kate's home and take pics, then why would it not be OK for a local resident to do the same and blog about it. Including finding out where she shops, who picks up her children and any other local gossip.

When you get that "ewww" this is creepy feeling in your gut, it is usually because something is amiss. And I feel like those who are getting that "ewww" feeling should unite.

My feelings are the same about Blogging Lawyer.

I will reopen my blog to discuss this and rational, civil comments are welcomed.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Shutting Down For A Bit

Due to career advancement, YEA!!!!, I will no longer have the time to keep this blog going, at least for awhile. I may return to it, I may not.

The latest spin in the Gosselin fiasco makes me thing this tragedy will never end, but I have some hope that Jon's new lawyer will come to a settlement with TLC. I really don't care who gets their pockets lined as long as the kids get their earned share and off TV.

I hope the best for Jon, but am leery of his motives.

Anyway, this has been fun, but it is getting old, isn't it? Crazy Mama will continue to be crazy and provide plenty of fodder, but even her rhetoric is becoming dull.

I will continue to read at Moon's and post at times. Thanks to my few commenter's...:), I must have been doing something right, because I had many faithful readers.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Weigh In On Jon's Announcement

Do you think Jon's announcement is sincere? Do you think he has the kid's best interests at heart or his own?

I personally am very skeptical and think this is a way for him to get out from under TLC so he can do other things that are equally distasteful for the kids. "Divorced Dad's Club" that is something to make his children proud!

Money is the motivating factor her and to bring Kate down, in my opinion.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


On last night's episode we see Kate taking the little girls to a bead store. Kate settles in to make bracelets for Mady and Cara. She picked beads that looked like the "world" so that whenever the twins wore them they would remember wherever she was in the world, she still loved them.

Kate, let me tell you, if you have to make a "world" bracelet for your kids to remind them that you love them, you are gone way too much! Your actions speak louder than you words or your bracelets!

You are an idiot. You are a narcissist and you are mean.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Saturday, September 26, 2009

One of Crazy's Sick Posters

Linda said...
Not getting the blog to update with new posts. I'm not sure if it is a problem with the blogspot or if BabyMama's daughter is ill again. I'm hoping it's blogspot and not the sick baby.

Linda-the reason your posts were not going thru is Crazy Mama called you a troll after your very rude and callous and most insensitive remark that Hailey had an abortion. My Lord, what kind of person does that to someone they do not know. It is gossip in the worst sense just as when Crazy said the twins were in counseling.

Her site has but 3 "fans" that post there and fortunately the rest of you are speaking your mind. Why she is letting your contradictory views through surprises me, but my guess is she doesn't realize that you aren't Kate's biggest fans anymore.

Linda, I suspect you were the same Linda who I banished here for your crude and vulgar comments. You are pathetic.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Baby Mama said...
The people at read my blog daily and I do receive all their Gosselin related stories via e-mail that they send me and other blogs.. I do link most of their aritcles as well, so lets just say.. we both help each other out. I was aware that they were taking this info from my site.I am always flattered when major sites have to TAKE FROM ME, when lets face it, I take from them..Goes to show you, this blog is THE BEST! (LOL;)

FREAKING CRAZY!!!! BWAHAHAHA!!!! She is so full of it, I think she actually believes this crap. Next thing we will hear is Michelle Obama reads her blog as well.