Sunday, August 30, 2009


This is the most disgusting, pathetic, douchiest picture I have ever seen of Jon Gosselin. This man-child will do anything for a buck. His mother should be so proud.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kate On LKL

I am amazed at the many facets of Kate's unique personality. We have seen in the last 2 weeks, a different Kate speaking on the Today show, a polar opposite with Regis and Kelly, and yet another, last night with Larry King. This has always been the most concerning to me as I find Kate to be anything but stable. Yes, last night she was very collected. She had an answer to everything, yet answered nothing. She outwitted Larry King at every turn. The average viewer catching LKL would think this woman is holding up remarkably well and is very poised and gracious in speaking of her soon to be divorced husband. I do think her personality should be studied as I think it is bizarre.

Kate will have a public crumble, much like the police coming to her home....Kate will get the better of herself.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Monday, August 24, 2009

How Many Mountain Bikes Does It Take?


I would love to come across Jon on the slopes this winter, huffing and puffing. It is pre-season conditioning time and clearly Jon has not yet started. Look at his arms, and his man boob are just icky. Fat people just represent no self control.


Baby daddy actually missed Baby Mama! awwww xoxoxoxo Love is grand.. about 10 hours ago
Kate haters are a bunch of jealous psychos..I love the fact that they are obsessed with me as well. They read & comment on everything I say! about 10 hours ago

Sunday, August 23, 2009


My Big Poppa is coming home today! Yay! Should I dress up in my Kate Gosselin wig and Cole Haan shoes and make a man out of him? haha haters about 2 hours ago

from Crazy Mama-

Is Hating the Hater's the Same as Hating

Baby Mama said...
THE LIARS OF GWOP ARE AT IT AGAIN!Of course it's been months since I cared about that used dried up site, but they pissed me off again. They fully copied & pasted my Kate Confrence Schedule on their site for a post, and put "thanks Ms. Peach." As if to say this is actually a real person that sent it to them. I am the only person on the web that has this info. And they STOLE it to get information for the Southern Womens Confrence to attack them. Even going so far as to put the presidents e-mail, fax & Phone number and urging people to call to take Kate Gosselin off the list. it didnt work.I personally called Mr. Zimmerman letting him know that his contact information was put on a lying hate site. I am also writing a letter to fax hopefully Monday. These idiots think they are making some sort of dent in the "Lets Destroy Kate" campaign..
August 22, 2009 6:51 PM

I don't think Crazy even has a clue that the more ignorant she behaves the more stubborn the "haters" become. Baby Mama fuels the hate for Kate more than any other single site!

Now, for your information I am posting Kate's speaking schedule, compliments of Baby Mama. Thanks Baby Mama!!!

Do with it whatever you choose!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Battelships and Barbers

Why do we need to see these little boys get Check Spellingtheir haircut? Is it cute? Is it momentous. It isn't like they are donating 10 inches to Locks of Love. Now that would be worth watching.

And more of the North Carolina vacation...the vacation that never ends?

The only good part is watching Kate in her interview chair spit out more lies.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sheeple Quote of the Day

"When Kate speaks out, it's genuine and the truth"


Friday, August 14, 2009

Lighting Up

I don't think this is Ed Hardy. Maybe some new designer who gave him some free duds to wear.

I hate smoking...hate, hate smoking. He really looks like a moron.

Check Out Who is On TWITTER

AskBabyMama....for some laughs, take a peek into the inside of Debbie's mind.

Kate Needs To Learn the Rules

Oh Kate, Jon wouldn't let you in? You think you are going to get to keep pushing him around? Newsflash, beotch, the judge will tell you when you can go onto the kid's property, not you.
First "way to go" Jon moment I have seen in a while! It was his turn, and her showing up only caused problems as was evident last night.
I doubt the kids were shielded from this, and that it was most likely a tragic mess of tears why Daddy wouldn't let Mommy home.
Keep digging your hole you 2!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


"Wouldn't it be great if Kelly befriended Kate and invited her and the kids to their place in the Hamptons for a weekend!"

from Mary

It just makes me soooo excited for Kate!

Jon's Canceled Interview

I don't think it is at all fair that Jon boy didn't get his turn at an interview. Darn ole' TLC for shutting him down. This was just about to get interesting.

Jon has some things I think he wants to get off his chest, and I for one am ready to hear it all! You know he will be the one to "tell all", even if it hurts his kids. He is the kind of wiener guy that will do anything to make sure people know it was all Kate's fault.

And I do believe he will find a way to do it. I want to know the grizzly details. Is Kate really ripping up his clothes? Is she really calling him fat?

If we give these 2 just a little more time I think they will sink themselves.


Baby Mama said...
"We will have to see how this show is spun tomorrow. I had no idea that they taped segments in advance and not everything was live. The shows that I have gone to in the past all were. I was going by what people were sending me from hate blogs. They were saying that Regis did it intentionally to piss Kate off. But now that I read SchmeckyGirls post I agree with her. I'm sure that Regis was honestly just trying to be nice and hopeful. I did exactly what Kate and the others did and took it as snark.I totally change my opinion now. And I,m even more pissed that haters would spin it as something he intentionally did wrong, rather than just assuming hes just trying to be nice."

Another little diddy from the Crazy-interesting she agrees with Schmecky~ And why would uber fan Deb go by what "haters" were sending her??? Her thoughts are so all over the place, her husband and kids must have a terrible time at home with her.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


'So Jon's ears were pierced since he was a teenager. He has tattoos too. Kate also has a tattoo on her leg. Maybe there is more to them than we saw on the show. Personally I don't care if anyone has a tattoo or not or piercings. That doesn't define a person. I just wonder if Jon and/or Kate had to "clean up" a bit to reach a wider demographic for the show.'

Do you think? I really like Schmecky's posts. She has a back handed way of dissing the G's that I am not even sure Crazy Mama is aware of.

Now this next little gem defines the mentality of our dear Baby Mama to a T. I think you should have to past an IQ test to have a blog.

"I don't understand why Radar is saying Kate taped her Live With Regis & Kelly interview today. She is still scheduled to appear on Thursday. How is it possible it was pre-taped? Do you think they are mis-informed yet again??"

Crazy, it was taped but not aired! This has got to be the dumbest statement she has ever made. Please enjoy your chuckle of the day, compliments of the REALBABYMAMA!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Kate's Morning Interview

First off, I do think Kate was telling the truth about when Jon moved out. If we believe the rumors, some of which have been proven true, he did leave in February, to "help his mother"...he did some traveling, Kate was gone a lot of the time, so perhaps the official day was irrelevant to her. As far as her comment that she wanted the divorce, according to Jon's "I'm done" comment, I think she was lying. I don't think she wants her fans to know they were living a sham for such a long time. That's my take on it.

I still believe as I stated earlier, I think Jon was probably not a great husband, and their 2 personalities clashed, hence Kate's inexcusable behavior to Jon. Bad marriage from the get go.

She was well prepared for her questions and handled herself well I thought, despite how I feel about her as a person. I still think she is a narcissist, and I still believe they exploit her children.

As far as her having an affair with Steve, I think she was being honest. I don't think she is having an affair, but my opinion on that is subject to change.

I am very glad she spoke up about Jodi and Kevin. I think they got what they deserved from her. I have always thought Jodi and Kevin's actions were indeed motivated by money. I am sure Julie will have a post forth coming regarding this, but good for Kate for sticking it back at them. That relationship is over anyway, and I think fair is fair.

I think she should take the ring off. Mixed messages to her kids.

As for the kids, I think for the most part they probably are pretty happy kids. It won't be until later that the effects of Jon and Kate Plus 8 start to show.

It also seems that Kate is preparing herself to fall back into the speaking circles with a whole new agenda. If nothing else that woman is determined.

Of the 2, she is handling herself with some amount of class. Rehearsed, or preped, at least she is not acting like a teenage idiot.

A Note of Thanks

I want to thank all of you who expressed your concern and sorrow about Millie. It has been a sad few days, but we are moving forward and are on an adoption list for a companion for Zoe.

I will keep you updated when the new dog finds it way into our home.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Zoe and Millie

We lost Millie about 2 hours ago. I appreciate all the kind words.

These 2 dogs really loved each other. We used to joke that their relationship was a little "too" special! :)

They each had their own personalized bed, but Millie always slept with Zoe on her bed.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


My 12 year old Springer Spaniel has been refusing food and last night had a very difficult time breatheing. She is just a little girl, 40 pounds of lean energy.

I took her to the vet this morning and they started her on oxygen and did a chest xray. Her lungs are filled with fluid, can't even see the heart.

The vet suspects advanced heart disease, possibly a tumor. He is keeping her over night to give her IV Lasix, and do a repeat chest xray in the morning.

I broke my promise to Millie, because I knew she was scared and told her that we would be back home with Zoe, her sister lab, in a little while. The vet let me go to her kennel and I said I was sorry I broke my promise.

Millie is deaf, but she knows what is going on. Her eyes were filled with fear and sadness. My heart is breaking. My husband is a wreck. My daughter is in denial.

Our pets are part of our life. They are family. And my goofy lab is crying outside for her Millie.

I am not ready to lose her.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009



I have never seen Kate so, um whats the word, pleasant as she was last night. I kept waiting for a meltdown or shriek, but what she gave us was a much different Kate. She looked like she had fun with the kids. She was smiling. And never once to we hear her say "JOOOOONNNNN!!!! (not including the what planet are you from comment-which actually might be apropos judging from his actions recently)

My husband thinks maybe Jon was such a freaking idiot that the only way she could deal with him was to yell and meltdown. Her bad moods stemmed from dealing with Jon.

I am not quite ready to rush into that camp, but I do think there is something to it.

I think Kate is, for the most part, at peace. Sometimes you don't know how badly a person is bringing you down until you stop being around them. Is this the case for Kate? We will have to see. I was overall pleasantly surprised with her attitude last night.



I have asked twice now for you to stop with the profanity and vulgarity. I find it extremely offensive. I don't care how you feel about Jon or Kate. You obviously have difficulty speaking like a lady. Please do not post here anymore!


Sunday, August 2, 2009


Tomorrow marks the next chapter in the Gosselin's life on TV, as a couple with 8 kids going through a divorce. Much like the previous shows, we will see concocted story lines about the family and how Kate is being super Mom. Jon will have to change his story line complaining how he doesn't like the paparazzi and he feels like he is living in prison.

Jon has changed so much in the last few months I can barely keep up. Personally, I think Kate is better off without him, just as Jon is better off with out Kate.

Kate will keep it together, because she is determined and wants fame at whatever cost. Jon is just coasting.

My heart goes out to the kids whose primary function is to keep the parent's income rolling in.